Hurricane Sandy TOON books

Our damaged books are now your free books. Though TOON’s offices managed to get through Hurricane Sandy mostly unscathed, we have a bunch of books that were waterlogged. Rather than throw them out, we want you to have them.

Hurricane Sandy TOON books

We have copies of three of our newest books — David Nytra’s The Secret of the Stone Frog, Frank Viva’s A Trip to the Bottom of the World, and Rutu Modan’s Maya Makes a Mess. We have 6 of the Nytra, 8 of the Viva and 4 of the Modan.

As you can see, the pages have been rippled by water, though we’ve had them drying out since we discovered the damage. But the spines are intact, the pages are all there, and the colors are undistorted — We prefer to think of them as pre-loved rather than defective.

Hurricane Sandy TOON books
If you want a copy of one (or all three!) of these books, just email us at We’ll send them over to you for the cost of postage. We hope you enjoy them.

And if you want to follow us on twitter @toonbooks, on Tumblr at or like us on Facebook at to show your appreciation, we won’t mind. Likewise, any pictures/stories you send us about reading these books, we’ll cherish (and probably post online).



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