TOON books is showing you our love with a brand new Level 1 book! In Chick & Chickie, two mischievous little chickens play all day long in their very own special way. Claude Ponti, one of the world’s most beloved children’s book authors, has packed the pictures with witty side jokes and hilarious details. The fast-paced and zany narrative will instantly delight young readers and will soon turn reading into play.

Enter our contest!

Win two TOON Books!

Who is the Chick to your Chickie? The Chickie to your Chick? Do you have a feathery sidekick in all that you do? Tell us who YOUR Chickie, in the comments below or on Facebook or Twitter and be entered to win! Ten lucky readers with the most chirp-worthy stories of best-friendship or love will receive TWO free copies of Chick & Chickie – one sent to you and one sent to your Chickie!

Here are a few of our favorite entries so far:

“My Chickie is my sister! Though we’re more-or-less “grown-ups” now, we still love to do stuff together and often end up laughing so hard we can’t breath. And we do the typical sister things, like saying exactly the same things at the same time…” — Catherine Barnett , via facebook

“My Chickie is my little girl, Evelyn. She loves telling her own jokes and I love to laugh at them. I love to tickle her, and she loves to be tickled. She can do so much on her own, yet she still wants me to be by her side. She is my little Chickie :D ” — Jess Smart Smiley, via facebook

“My favorite Chickie is my 5-yr-old daughter Avery! Her enthusiasm and joie de vivre are a constant inspiration for me and source of delight for our whole family.” — Meg Cogburn Wilson, via facebook

“My chickie is my best friend Katie @Lilteegs1 Even though we live far apart, we still love doing everything together!” — Ryan Donovan, via Twitter

“I have two favorite Chickies: my daughter Alice and my son Alexander. Alice’s sense of humor, kindness and hunger for knowledge and Alexander’s quickness and thinking that he could outsmart his Mom — keep me on my “knuckles.”" — Anna Lvova, via facebook

“My favorite chickie is my daughter. Although she is 30 now we still have lots of fun together. We aren’t beyond being silly and we love to share our fun with children, and maybe someday soon with her own little chick or chickie.” — Jean Kammer, via facebook

“My daughter Tilly is my Chickie. She is very literally my sidekick on a daily basis, but she’s also been a support for me in ways she doesn’t yet know. In fact, she helped our family get through a very tough time. I’m also appreciative of our reading time together and how reading with her has reawakened my love for favorite childhood books and helped me discover new ones. Is there anything more special than sharing a good book with your Chickie?” — Emily Gorovsky Raij, via facebook

“Our school’s 1st grade is the Chick to our Chickie. We love seeing them read @toonbooks so when they’re our age they’ll read our fave GNs.” — Mr. W’s Class, via Twitter

“My favorite Chickie is my daughter Sophie. She’s five, and I’ve been working hard to share the joy of comics with her. She loves Johnny Boo, Beanworld, Bone, and Toon Books. She also enjoys making her baby brother laugh, and is just learning how to read by herself.” — Lionel English, via facebook

“My friend Amy is my Chickie. She is an awesome 2nd grade teacher that loves to find interesting things for her students to read. She is AMAZING and really works hard to find the perfect reading material for her students.” — Kkdanville Danville, via facebook

“My daughter Charley is my Chickie. When I asked if I was her sidekick, she said “No, you’re my henchman”" — Tom B., via Twitter

“My partner, Rick, is my Chickie Sweetie-in-Cahooties! Why? He loves comic Toon stories as much as I do!” — Joy Chu, via facebook

“My chickie is my sister. We are 4 years apart and fought like cats and dogs when we were young. We are now best friends and always will be. We’ve been thru a lot together and are always there for each other. I know o can call any time of day and she will be there.” — Debbie Crocker Baker, via facebook

Enter now by telling us who YOUR Chickie is in the comments below or on Facebook or Twitter! The contest will be open until midnight the evening of 12/14.



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