When TOON Books launched in 2008, they seemed to defy established categories—as comics especially designed for emerging readers to read on their own. So where do they belong on the shelves? At West Palm Beach Public Library in Florida, Youth Services Librarian Kathy Hage shelves our books in the graphic novels section, where enthusiastic readers often go for more fun reading. Kathy said, “We find early readers want to read comics and head to that section, so we decided to place books at their reading level there too. It’s also a great way to show parents the value of comic books…I love telling parents about how TOON Books came into being and how they are a great way to encourage their child to love reading!” We’re curious to know, where do you shelve TOON Books?

Kathy also shared with us that children read Zig and Wikki in Something Ate My Homework for the library’s second and third grade book club, and they absolutely loved it! “The children were so excited to read a comic in their book club and loved talking about all sorts of fun science facts together. It was definitely a hit,” Kathy said.

Below are some photos of our TOON Books on the shelves of the West Palm Beach Public Library:



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