Greetings Readers!

We folks over at TOON have sure been keeping busy. This Friday we’ll be heading over to the Candlewick Press HQ in Somerville, MA to discuss our list of upcoming books! New works, new fun, new publisher. Coming soon.

This past weekend, we attended the tenth triennial 2010 Festival of Cartoon Art, an all cartoon/comic extravaganza held at Billy Ireland Cartoon Library & Museum at Ohio State University. In attendance were luminaries of the animated-literary world such as Matt Groening! Roz Chast! Dan Piraro! James Sturm! Bill Griffith! Patrick McDonnell! and more! Panels covered such topics as Humor, Play and Identity in Comics; presentations included career retrospectives by Matt Groening and our own Art Spiegelman; exhibits were exhibited on the likes of Krazy Kat and Billy Ireland.

A success in all.



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