The good people over at TOON are honored to receive fan mail from young readers! Here’s what Caryn Horrigan’s First Grade class in Baltimore had to say about Eleanor Davis’s Geisel Award-winning Stinky!

Dear Eleanor,

We are in the first grade. We are reading “Stinky.” We are about to finish reading Stinky. The story is beautiful. Kevin says Stinky loves to smell flies. Elggy says Stinky hates kids. Jennifer says Stinky loves onions. Kevin says Stinky likes smelly animals like toads, slugs, and flies. We like Stinky. We think he’s nice.

Jesus thinks Stinky will throw an onion at the kid and say “Get away from my tree!” Cesar thinks that Stinky and the boy will be friends. Elggy thinks that Stinky will scare the boy away. Kevin thinks that Stinky and the boy will be friends. Jennifer thinks that Stinky will throw onions at the boy.

We think your art is beautiful, nice, and cute. You are a good artist. Thank you for your book.

Thank you for the rest of your story. Thank you.


Kevin, Cesar, Jesus, Jennifer, Elggy, and Ms. H



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