Photo Credit: Sarah Shatz

TOON Books is engaging in a new effort to bring public opinions, comments, and ideas to the forefront. Our blog will now regularly feature Q&As and opinion pieces shared by parents, librarians, and educators who are eager to chime in on issues dealing with emerging readers. One topic that we’ve seen a major response to is the labeling and categorizing of our books. Betsy Bird responded to us on Twitter regarding the shelving of TOON Books: “We shelve ‘em with the other Graphic Novels. Honestly, I wish we put some in the Early Reader section, too. I worry they get lost.” Comics or graphic novels, early readers or picture books, it seems the TOON titles are caught in a web of semantic confusion. “I’m a little ignorant on specifics: what defines ‘early readers’ and ‘emerging readers?’” tweeted Johanna Draper Carlson of Comics Worth Reading. We enthusiastically welcome your thoughts on definitions of these labels and where the TOON books belong.



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