Earlier this week, TOON Books hosted the 2010 Book Expo America Drink and Draw at Books of Wonder in NYC. Two easels, great food and wine, and a roomful of children’s book enthusiasts made for a memorable evening. Attendees ranged from established authors to new readers, making age no object at this fun event.

Geoffrey Hayes (author and illustrator, Benny & Penny), Dean Haspiel (illustrator, Mo and Jo: Fighting Together Forever), Nadja Spiegleman (author, Zig and Wikki in Something Ate My Homework), and Trade Loeffler (illustrator, Zig and Wikki in Something Ate My Homework) took turns at the easels drawing the familiar faces of TOON Books characters. Other guests were free to draw alongside them and create any kind of character or scene they wished! Cartoonist Nick Abadzis adorned one of our easels with a fantastic astronaut dog, and a TOON Books reader was seen drawing a speedy-looking car. Despite the spread of scrumptious hor d’oeuvres on the other side of the room, the drawings attracted quite a crowd. Editorial Director Francoise Mouly was delighted by the impressive turnout and support for TOON Books. Book sellers, distributors, and librarians alike were eager to learn more about the philosophy behind our unique kind of storytelling.

As the event came to a close, some of the remaining guests migrated to the perimeter of the room. At any other party, this might be taken for a sign of boredom—not so at the Drink and Draw! Attendees paused their conversations to flip through the pages of our 12 titles, including the soon-to-be-released Silly Lilly in What Will I Be Today? at our table stocked with books, catalogs, and giveaways. The 2010 BEA Drink and Draw delivered. There was drinking, drawing, and a whole lot more!



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