Tomorrow we will be announcing our 2010 TOON Books Raffle Giveaway winners! But first, we would like to thank everyone for your enthusiasm and participation!

Before we draw names, let’s look at some of the flattering feedback we’ve received:

Head of Youth Services at Wood County District Public Library, Maria Simon, says: “Spotting your email had me so excited! I love the TOON books. We do need more at my public library. These books really take our children far with lots of fun. Thank you TOON.”

“What a wonderful experience it was to hear Ms. Mouly speak along with Harry Bliss in Naperville last year,” says Nicki Clegg, the library media specialist at Churchill Elementary School in Illinois. “The books are an excellent, wholesome choice for young readers.”

Gretchen Schroeder, Woodlynde School librarian of Strafford, PA, says our books have helped her work with reluctant readers: “We have been trying to introduce our lower school students with reading differences to graphic novels to encourage them to read more!”

Thanks again for all of the positive remarks! And be sure to stay TOON-ed for our raffle winner announcement!



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