We’ve seen that librarians have been at the vanguard of the “comics for kids” revolution, while the medium’s self-styled experts lag far behind, not quite understanding which comics actually appeal to today’s kids.

Our allies in the fight for good comics for kids recently asked, Are all comics for kids? Esther Keller notes, “…the problem, in my opinion, is that the perception is that if it’s a comic, it’s for kids. And that’s just not true. Those of us who are avid readers of comics know that there are comics for kids and comics for teens and comics for adults. The casual reader or the person who just knows they exist and doesn’t care to read them probably doesn’t realize the distinction.”

Her co-blogger Kate concludes, “I’d love to see more publishers follow the example set by Toon Books; the editors worked with educational specialists to ensure that their scripts were suitable for beginning reader.”

Thanks, Kate!

And to show our support for our librarian allies and celebrate the ALA Midwinter meeting in Boston, TOON Books is pleased to announce a raffle!


Lucky winners will receive a set of books of their choice for their library, as well as an advance copy of Zig and Wikki in “Something Ate My Homework,” the FIRST science-based easy-to-read comic!



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