The Highlights for Kids website includes an extensive archive of Timbertoes comic strips from that magazine’s pages. Wikipedia details the stip’s history:

Created for a 1932 book of the same name (published by The Harter Publishing Company) by writers Edna M. Aldredge and Jessie F. McKee along with illustrator John Gee, The Timbertoes has appeared in Highlights magazine for over 30 years. The first Highlights incarnation was a full-page black and white comic strip featuring line-drawn characters, later switching to digital color in 2003. The Timbertoes family consists of parents Ma and Pa and their children Mabel and Tommy. The characters, including their pet dog Spot and their pet cat Splinter, are depicted as being constructed from wood. Upon Gee’s passing, Highlights Senior Editor Marileta Robinson took over writing the strip, with illustrations done by Judith Hunt and Ron Zalme.



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