Publishers Weekly interviews Brenda Bowen about plans to publish comics as part of Bowen Books, her new children’s book imprint at HarperCollins. Bowen had previously been an editor at Hyperion, where she established a publishing relationship with the Center for Cartoon Studies, among other projects. “Bowen has plans for a graphic novel based on one of the most famous Civil War battles (Jan. 2009), a kids’ picture book by cartoonist Lynn Johnston (summer 2009) and a new graphic novel based on the work of New York Times bestselling author Melissa Marr,” PW reports. Bowen adds: “I’ve also just signed a novel in comics called Herbert’s Wormhole, written by Peter Nelson and illustrated by Ro Rao. It’s a funny book for children eight to 11 years old, about a kid who creates what Einstein only imagines—a wormhole that bores down to the future.”



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