This month’s launch of the TOON Books collection continues to draw feature attention in a variety of venues. Time Out New York Kids profiles the imprint at length. The Harrisburg Patriot-News extensively features commentary from TOON Books Editorial Director Fran├žoise Mouly:

On how comics can get kids reading: “There’s a narrative flow, there’s something to look at. Kids are visually literate long before they’re literate with words. You don’t need to teach your child how to find Waldo.”You learn a beginning, middle and end. You learn left to right. You learn sequencing. You learn repetition and characters. All of those things are part of learning to read. It’s not just the phonetics. It’s the whole inner structure of narrative.”

Shelf Awareness, in addition to reviewing Geoffrey Hayes’s Benny and Penny, features a blank-verse account of Mouly’s life and career leading up to the creation of the TOON Books collection.



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