Publishers Weekly reports on the Kids’ Comic Con, which took place at Bronx Community College on Saturday, March 29. “I was most impressed by the kids that came from outside Bronx,” said organizer Alex Simmons. “There were kids from Yonkers, from Stamford, Conn.; from Brooklyn, Queens and Long Island. We even had a group of special needs kids.”

Timothy Callahan posts a personal report of his trip to the show with his seven-year-old son.

Andrew was eager to check out his stash of free comics! He took out the Simpsons issue and read the entire thing. He’s NEVER read a comic by himself before. He likes when I read them to him sometimes, and he reads chapter books for extra-credit assignments from school, but he has never read a comic book story on his own. And he read the Simpsons comic from cover-to-cover, laughing and telling me about the funny parts. Even when his nutritious dinner of chocolate chip pancakes with a side of bacon arrived, he ignored the food–and he hadn’t eaten anything except Cheez-Its since breakfast–to finish the comic. Could the trip to the Kid’s Comic-Con have been a success?



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