The Miami Herald reports on the increasing use of comics in school libraries to develop skills among reluctant readers. Says Nautilus Middle School media specialist Roberta Kaiser, “I have to limit them to one at a time, but there are students who come in two to three times a day to return one and get another.” She further notes: “Some of my comics readers are reading other stuff, but some of them would not be reading at all if they were not reading comics.”

The piece also includes commentary from TOON Books Editorial Director Françoise Mouly: “My husband sacrificed his comics to fatherhood, but it was a good cause, and it allowed Dash to find a path to success… It made us both realize how much of a magic bullet comics could be. Children will learn if there’s something in it for them and if it’s pleasurable.” An accompanying visual slideshow includes preview pages from Agnès Rosenstiehl’s Silly Lilly.

The piece is supplemented by a recommended reading list of comics for reluctant readers.



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