New York magazine runs a twelve-page preview of Kazu Kibuishi’s graphic novel Amulet, the first in a series published by Scholastic. Kibuishi is also the editor of the Cybil Award-nominated Flight anthologies. Newsarama interviewed Kibuishi about Amulet.

I had the idea to this project about when I was graduating from college. The concept of these kids moving into a mysterious puzzle maker’s house was cool, but I didn’t quite know what the story was really about (beneath the surface), so I had a lot of false starts.

Years later, after I had finished working on Daisy Kutter and a couple of Flight volumes, I had a better sense of how to do the work. And after having been through some tough times with my family since then, I also had something I wanted to talk about.

Seeing as Scholastic was looking to publish graphic novels, and this idea seemed a perfect match for them, I felt very lucky that my friend Raina Telgemeier asked me if she could show my preview material for the book to her editor at Scholastic. The folks at Scholastic also seemed to feel it was the right fit, and now here we are!

Kibuishi has also edited the forthcoming Flight Explorer, a spin-off of the Flight series specifically aimed at younger readers.



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