Wizard Magazine’s website
runs an interview with Jordan Crane, whose works include the kid-friendly graphic novel The Clouds Above:

So with The Clouds Above, you didn’t sit down and decide to do a children’s book?

CRANE: No. I love children’s books. And it’s not a children’s book—I was trying to do a children’s book, and they’re f—ing hard. I like fantastical stories with kids and I wanted to do an adventure story. There was a certain mood that I wanted to create in the story. It wasn’t that I was thinking that I wanted to hit a certain age group. If anything, Clouds Above isn’t malicious and f—ed-up enough. It needs to be way more malicious—which would remove it from the age group that it’s about and make it practically unreadable for kids. But there are plenty of kids’ stories that are totally f–ed up, and kids read them. I just wanted to create something that struck a certain emotional tone. That’s how I tried to go about it.



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