Françoise Mouly is an Eisner Hall of Fame Nominee

PicturePhoto by Sarah Shatz
The Will Eisner Comic Awards Hall of Fame 2014 Nominees have been announced, and we are SO PROUD to see our very own Françoise Mouly in the running!  

Vote for our fearless leader, trailblazer for women in comics, and the creator and editorial director of TOON Books.

More about Françoise Mouly:

Artist, designer, editor and publisher Françoise Mouly has played a role in providing outlets to new and foreign cartoonists, and in promoting comics as a serious art form and as an educational tool. She founded RAW Books and Graphics in 1978. She launched RAW magazine in 1980 with her husband, Art Spiegelman. She was the publisher and designer as well as co-editor of RAW, which is perhaps best known for serializing Spiegleman’s award-winning Maus. A lavishly produced oversize anthology, Raw introduced to U.S. readers the work of Lynda Barry, Charles Burns, Sue Coe, Kim Deitch, Ben Katchor, Richard McGuire, Lorenzo Mattotti, Jose Munoz, Gary Panter, Joost Swarte, Jacques Tardi, and Chris Ware, to name but a few. When Mouly became art editor at The New Yorker in 1993, she brought a large number of cartoonists and artists to the periodical's interiors and covers. She launched Little Lit in 1998, co-edited the TOON Treasury of Children's Comics, and in 2008 she launched TOON Books, an imprint devoted to books for young readers done by cartoonists. The TOON Books have garnered forty awards in the industry, including the Theodor Seuss Geisel award, given to the "most distinguished American book for beginning readers published in English."

The deadline for voting is March 31. 

To vote you must be a professional working in the comics or related industries as a creator (writer, artist, cartoonist, colorist, letterer), a publisher or editor, a retailer (comics store owner or manager), a graphic novels librarian, or a comics historian/educator (but you don't have to be... a man!)

Read Fascinating MUTHA Magazine Interview with Françoise Mouly

According to MUTHA's Meg Lemke, "Feminist voices remain marginalized in comics. Mouly created the kind of work she wanted to see in the world when the landscape was even more hostile to women. It was such a thrill to get her on the phone—to talk about comics and education, the future of books, and how she’s balanced being an impassioned publisher and a committed MUTHA."

Read the Interview HERE
Mouly with her children, Dash and Nadja
An excerpt about work/life balance:
"Throughout, my guiding line has been to separate the satisfaction that I get; what nourishes my soul is what I get at home. That’s with my husband, with my kids, with my friends. And when I’m at work, I get a lot of pleasure—I really love what I do—but I try not to get drawn in all of the dramas. I like working with women, I’m prejudiced towards women because I find the working relationships often more supportive, taking pride in each other’s accomplishments. When I’m dealing with male colleagues, many of the work relationships become a version of a pissing contest. I try to put my ego aside there, to be attentive to what the Japanese call “saving face,” to be supportive of my artists and my colleagues, just so I can go home. I don’t want to get overly involved at work, emotionally. Because my emotional life is much more interesting at home; these are people that I have chosen, and people who I love. It’s a matter of balance." 


It's time to TOON into Tippy with two contests that celebrate Lilli Carré's children's book début!

Contest #1
Photo & Caption Contest: "What is this MESS?  All I remember..." 

Here's a contest for anyone like Tippy who has discovered a seemingly inexplicable mess—whether in a child's room, your office, the closet, or a classroom!

If you haven't read the book yet, when Tippy wakes up, there's a peacock in her bedroom, a bird in her hair, and mice dancing on the headboard... Yet all Tippy remembers is falling asleep!
Submission Guidelines:
  • Email your "messy room" photo along with a SHORT caption (no more than 8-10 words) that begins: "All I remember...".  Sent to by March 30, 2014. Be sure to include your name and U.S. shipping address and, if you want the prize sent to someone, your designated recipient name, email and U.S. mailing address (sorry no international shipping).
Win TOON's Geisel & Eisner Award Winners!

Contest #2
Book Recommendation Contest: "If you like Tippy you'll also like…" 

Here's a contest for teachers, librarians and all around book lovers to share your book expertise with others while entering to win FREE books from TOON!  

TIppy and the Night Parade is a story about dreams, sleep walking, collecting animals, and adventure! It's already drawn comparisons to Peggy Rathmann’s Good Night, Gorilla (by Kirkus Reviews) and Winsor McCay's Little Nemo (by ICv2).

For fans of Tippy and these types of themes, what other books do you recommend for young readers?

Submission Guidelines:
  • Submit your recommendation in the form below or email us at by March 30, 2013.  Be sure to include your name and U.S. shipping address and, if you want the prize sent to someone, your designated recipient name, email and U.S. mailing address (sorry no international shipping).
  • 10 winners, chosen by us, will win a TOON title of their choice plus Tippy and the Night Parade.

    "If you like Tippy you'll also like..."


Congratulations to Maura O'Toole, the Grand Prize Winner with 
86 Facebook Likes (and counting) and winner of the TOON American Library Association ALSC Selections!

Maura is a librarian at a public school and we are so happy to see these books go to a wonderful home!

And these are our 5 office favorites that all win a copy of Hearts by Thereza Rowe, which Parents Magazine calls "an ideal first comic for new readers."

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The reviews are in for this epic night-time adventure!

"Carré’s curvy cartoons brim with quirky humor"
     --Publishers Weekly

"Young readers will delight in all the crazy details."
     --The Horn Book Magazine

"One of the loveliest, most poetic and elegantly simple children's books we've ever read."
      --Locust Moon

"She draws beautifully simplified animals with a sort of logo-like perfection"
     --School Library Journal


When Tippy wakes up, there's a peacock in her bedroom, a bird in her hair, and mice dancing on the headboard... Yet all Tippy remembers is falling asleep. In her first book for children, award-winning cartoonist Lilli Carré takes Tippy on an nocturnal adventure up a mountain, down a hole, and back home for endless bedtime enjoyment.

Live in the Chicago Area?

On exhibit through April 15, 2014, Lilli Carré's first solo show at the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago presents an entirely new body of work in animation, sculpture, and drawing, highlighting new directions in her creative process. Sculptures are displayed in pairs to show the objects in two separate states of being, while their dimensional forms are abstracted, flattened, and reflected in accompanying drawings. A new work, made specifically for this installation, consists of two videos projected on opposite walls. The dual projection reveals slowly shifting temporal relationships between images, which alternate between abstraction and figuration, and positions the viewer in the empty space between the two animations. The artist encourages viewers to interpret this space and play an active role in filling the gap between objects and their resonant images.  

Find out more about Lilli Carré's exhibit at the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago!

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A comic for brand new readers that will excite the imagination and warm the heart! 

When Penelope the Fox drops her heart into the sea, she’s swept off on a perilous journey, dodging sharks and royal cat- guards until a cartwheeling chicken leads her to the land of lost things. And as readers follow Penelope (and her heart!), they will learn what is truly precious.

Brazilian-British artist Thereza Rowe brings her bold, graphic, and imaginative illustrations to the storybook format for the very first time in a stunning visual narrative that works as a gorgeous stand-alone picture book while incorporating all the best qualities of a level one TOON Book. Hearts is a perfect entry-level comic picture book for brand-new readers, with a message that readers of any age will appreciate. This tale of heartache, friendship, and adventure will dazzle readers with its exotic settings and animals, and warm the hearts of parents and children alike. 

by Thereza Rowe

Price: $12.95
Page: 32
Dimensions: 9" x 6"
Available January 7, 2014

ISBN 978-1-935179-59-7 

TOON Level: 1
Lexile Level: BR 
Guided Reading Level: G Reading Recovery Level: 11-12


Praise for Thereza Rowe

“It’s truly wonderful stuff and it’s refreshing to see something so unabashedly playful. It’s no hard task to imagine that her illustrations would be enjoyed by children and the playfulness of them would really stimulate a kid’s imagination.”
    — The Fox Is Black 
“...beautifully infectious work hallmarked by a very distinctive 
signature style which is often playful and richly patternistic.” 

     — Aqua-Velvet 
“When you first look at the work of London-based illustrator Thereza Rowe, you instantly feel warm and fuzzy inside. Her vivid paper designs remind us that it’s never too late to have a childhood.” 

     — Poketo 

About the Author

Thereza Rowe is a Brazilian-British artist living in London, England. She says: "My favorite tools are color, shape, and imagination. I daydream about magic clocks, flying fish, enchanted forests—the list goes on. I work alone in the studio, so my cats, Flash and her sister Kitty, have always been my best companions (we talk to each other in five languages: English, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, and...Meow-purr.) When Flash went to cat's heaven, it was like half of my heart had been ripped out. As I was wallowing in my own misery, suddenly came a wee voice: 'Whatever happens, never lose your heart. Everything is going to be just fine.' That's when I started doodling Penelope—I think of myself as a fox—sitting on a cliff, and I wondered what would happen if I really lost my heart..."

Learn more about Thereza at, Instagram, and Twitter

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This month Françoise Mouly, the mastermind behind TOON Books, is all over the news with in-depth interviews, feature stories, and reviews for the recently released biography by Jeet Heer, "In Love with Art: Françoise Mouly's Adventures in Comics with Art Spiegelman."

Even for those of us who work with her every day, we keep gaining new insights into her life, career, family, interests, and passions.  Enjoy!
Françoise Mouly - Photo by Sarah Shatz

I am so excited to introduce you to Françoise Mouly today! You might know her work as the art director of The New Yorker, but she’s also the founder and publisher of TOON Books, a collection of comics and graphic novels for early readers. Her vision for kids having access to well-designed comics is innovative and inspiring. It’s magical! And radical! On top of that, she’s a mom doing a fantastic job of infusing her career with the needs of her kids. What an honor to bring her words to you today. 
     -- Gabrielle Blair, Design Mom
     Read the interview >>

Los Angeles Review of Books
FRANÇOISE MOULY is the art editor of The New Yorker, the editorial director of Toon Books (which publishes kids’ books by comic-strip artists), and the co-founder with her husband Art Spiegelman of RAW magazine. I interviewed Mouly on the occasion of the publication of In Love With Art: Françoise Mouly’s Adventures in Comics with Art Spiegelman (Coach House Books) by Jeet Heer, who notes in his preface that he wrote this book to repair a sexist mistake he made in 2004. In an article he wrote about Spiegelman for the National Post,Heer decided to mention Mouly only in passing: “Leaving Mouly aside for a second,” he wrote, “it is easy to see that Spiegelman’s editing is an outgrowth of his intense historical consciousness, his awareness of how comics have evolved and where they need to go.” Heer’s partner challenged him: “Why should Mouly be left aside?” To redress his omission, Heer wrote a whole book about her. 
     -- Sarah Boxer, Los Angeles Review of Books
     Read the interview >>

Françoise Mouly is featured for the "Meeting" feature of the first issue of a brand new UK magazine, Riposte.

About Riposte: Riposte is a smart magazine for women. We're a new magazine which offers intelligent content and inspirational women in a beautifully designed format. We profile bold and fascinating women whose achievements speak for themselves. Our interviews are honest rather than being full of media trained responses, as the women we feature candidly discuss their successes, failures, work and passions.  
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The eminence française or "powerful influence" behind scads of well-known cartoonists is Paris-born and New York-based writer and artist Françoise Mouly (Best American Comics 2012). Mouly is known primarily through her partnership with superfamous husband and cartoonist Art Spiegelman; however, Heer (editor, Arguing Comics: Literary Masters on a Popular Medium) points out that in her innovation, creativity, initiative and advocacy over many decades, she has dramatically influenced comics and comics artists in her own right. Originally trained in architecture, Mouly was drawn to graphic narrative through Spiegelman and pushed him into coediting the comics magazine Raw between 1980 and 1991. Her work in Raw led to her current 20-year tenure as art editor of The New Yorker. In addition, Mouly recently established TOON Books to bring comics for the youngest readers back on the market.

VERDICT: Heer's detailed biography fills a glaring omission in histories of graphic narrative. Dozens of illustrations give face to Mouly's accomplishments yet are still not enough. This lively portrait of an editor and publisher par excellence will enlighten researchers, cartooning cognoscenti, and casual fans. Essential for serious art, graphic novels, and women's studies collections.

     – Martha Cornog, Library Journal

I met Françoise Mouly once, at the San Diego Comic-Con during its C Street days, when RAW was in full swing. She told me that I was the only reviewer who included her as the co-editor of the magazine. This puffed me up no little, but the main reason was probably less personal enlightenment then that I was coming off a humiliating series of factual errors in print and was being careful about these things. Other than the assumption that her name was on the cover for a reason, I wouldn’t at the time have been 100% clear on what Mouly’s contribution was. The problem is presented on the very title of the attractive little tome under discussion, which intends to redress the balance and yet bows to the utter commercial necessity of tying the product into the more popularly known Art Spiegelman.
     -- R. Fiore, The Comics Journal
     Read the Review >>
Jeet Heer is one of our best writers about comics, and it is to our great benefit that he's also a prolific one. I wanted to talk to him about two of his latest. The first isThe Superhero Reader, which he co-edited with Charles Hatfield and Kent Worcester. That is a collection of essays about that genre designed for use in classrooms, from three very good writers about the art form. The second book is In Love With Art, an enthusiastic biography of the crucially influential editor, art director and publisher Francoise Mouly.  Both books are quite good, and I think the Mouly one in particular could be read by anyone with even a passing interest in comics. For anyone with more than a passing interest, it should be read. It'd be a great travel book, for anyone so inclined: it's not massive, but it's dense, and Heer's prose is very pleasurable.
     -- Tom Spurgeon, The Comics Journal
     Read the Interview with Jeet Heer >>

Françoise Mouly - Photo by Sarah Shatz

The decision from Françoise Mouly:

Thank you to everyone for reading and giving thought to Neil Gaiman's compelling lecture on the importance of reading and libraries for young people (if you missed it, click here!). I so enjoyed reading through your comments and hearing about your favorite quotes and why.  Special congratulations to Helena Juhasz who submitted this post and is winner of the TOON Books New Releases Hardcover Gift Set:

Helena's Favorite Neil Gaiman Quote: "I do not believe that all books will or should migrate onto screens: as Douglas Adams once pointed out to me, over twenty years before the kindle turned up, a physical book is like a shark ... sharks are better at being sharks than anything else is." 

Helena's Reason Why: This quote is spot on!! There's nothing like the tactile experience of reading a dog eared book on the beach, blowing sand out from between the pages, closely inspecting the printed lines and imagining how the artist created the illustrations, delicately propping up the book in the bathtub or curling up with the book while under the covers - or under the stars (with a flashlight). They require no power other than our dedicated attention. Long live the book!
I so share Helena's view and it reminds me of something I said in a recent interview on Design Mom that I'd like to share again with you here. One of the artists I work with, Frank Cammuso, pointed out that he can’t pull out an iPad at bedtime with his three-year old. An iPad is a window on an endless stream of excitement; it’s not a place to focus and prepare for sleep and dreams. But a book is! A book can be read every night and it will always be the same and different. It will be what your Dad read when he was a kid, and what you’ll read to your children. It has some elements that don’t change yet it’s a new adventure every time you reread it, because reading is truly interactive and the reader is half the story. All day long, I spend my days on a computer, making and manipulating images, reading and writing emails, finding information. A computer is a good tool, a means to an end, but spending so much time online makes me very aware of how special and valuable any ‘old media’ is, anything that is printed, frozen, preserved in one form, fossilized. It’s there to be interpreted. Every time you spend time with it, it remains the same yet it becomes something more. Whenever I hear from people who say that Silly LillyBenjamin BearA Trip to The Bottom of the World, or any of the TOON Books has become their child’s favorite book, read night after night, I feel hopeful for the future. 

More good news...Everyone is a winner!

If you submitted a comment to the TOON's Gaiman Blog Post by November 18th, TOON Books would like to send you a complimentary copy of Liniers' The Big Wet Balloon. In the spirit of Gaiman's lecture, we ask that if you don't have a child at your own home who can enjoy the book, please consider donating it to your local library or to a holiday gift drive for children in need.
Just send me your mailing address to by November 25th.  Be sure to also include the username you used to post your comment.

The Big Wet Balloon by Liniers is selected as one of Parents magazine's Top 10 Children’s Books of 2013...and as the year's BEST Early Reader!

Congratulations to Ricardo "Liniers" Siri on dazzling readers with his U.S. debut, The Big Wet BalloonParents magazine today revealed its picks for the 10 Best Children's Books of 2013. The magazine sought input from children and librarians across the country to select their favorite reads from the collection of books released this year. 

“Every year we're wowed by how imaginative and inspired the latest books are—our kid testers and staffers found it hard to choose just ten,” said Dana Points, Editor-in-Chief, Parents magazine. “The books are certain to become favorites in your home as well.”  The full list of the 10 Best Children’s Books appears in the December 2013 issue of Parents magazine and online at
Parents magazine says The Big Wet Balloon is 2013's BEST Early Reader:

"This adorable comic-like tale of two sisters who spend a rainy day playing outside wooed our kid reviewers because it didn’t look like a typical early reader. The level is discreetly displayed on the back. 'The story was much more substantial than other early readers, yet it used enough recognizable words for my 5-year-old to get through it on her own,' says one mom." 

This news adds to the mounting praise for The Big Wet Balloon:

“Sure to be a favorite” – Kirkus Reviews (STARRED REVIEW)

“Tender…Satisfying” – The Horn Book (STARRED REVIEW)

“Extraordinarily special” – Diamond Booklist

“Intimate ink-and-watercolor vignettes” – Publishers Weekly

“Sophisticated cartoon quality” – School Library Journal

"Great for parents to share with their kids" – Booklist


Watch a message from Liniers about his U.S. Debut: